Solar Heat Pump Hybrid Water Heater System (Real Case)

With a WellFort monobloc domestic air to water heat pump, you can easily have a super energy-saving solar heat pump hybrid water heater (which combined solar water heater and heat pump water heater) like this:

1) When it’s sunny days, shut off the heat pump with the control panel, and keep the solar open. So you can have enough hot water without any electric consumption;

2) When the weather is bad, you open both the heat pump and the solar with the control panel. The heat pump will produce hot water to cover the shortage of solar.

The solar unit shares the water storage cylinder of the heat pump unit. In the cylinder there are coils for solar unit to make heat exchange. And the solar coils and solar unit are optional. You can choose a monobloc heat pump without solar module if you prefer not to have it.

Does it sound great? And truly it works great! Let’s show you the diagram of our solar heat pump water heating system for a residential house:

solar heat pump hybrid Solar Heat Pump Hybrid Water Heater System (Real Case)

solar+heat pump hybrid water heater


p.s. The heat pumps for this system is on this page.

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