How to Clean Air-Water Heat Pumps?

cleaning How to Clean Air Water Heat Pumps?There’re a lot of impurities in tap water and dust in ambient air. So air-water heat pumps need to be cleaned periodically. Or the working performance will be brought down and life span will be shortened. Cleaning is one of the most important part of maintenance for air source heat pumps.

Before you start to clean your heat pumps, remember power off the heat pump system. वहाँ रहे हैं 4 parts in your heat pump system which need to be cleaned periodically:

1) Filter. Take off the filter at the water pipe system. Wash the filter net to remove impurities. Then put the filter back.

2) Evaporator (fin-tube heat exchanger). Use special evaporator cleaning agent. Mix the agent with water at a required ratio. Then spray the mixed solution on the evaporator. Wait for a while (5~10 minutes) so impurities on the evaporator will be separated. At last wash the evaporator with a high pressure water gun until it’s clean.

3) Condenser (tube-in-tube heat exchanger). Using citric agent (mixed with water at a required ratio). Put the citric agent into the water pipe system of heat pumps. Turn on the circulator water pump to make the citric agent circulating in the pipe system and the condenser. After 20~30 minutes, you can drain off the agent. Then turn the circulator water pump on to wash the system with tape water for 5~10 minutes and drain the water off. Repeat the last step for 2~4 times to make sure the pipe system and the condenser is completely cleaned.

4) Casing and exterior parts. Just wipe them using tape water and add some soap powder. It’s the easiest part.

After all these steps, your heat pumps are expected to keep working efficiently and supply you hot water continuously. Then we have the last question: how often should I clean my air-water heat pumps? Based on our experience, at least once per year; Better twice per year.

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