What if Heat Pumps Unused for a Long Time?

power off What if Heat Pumps Unused for a Long Time?فإنه لن يضر اذا ذهبت لفترة طويلة دون استخدام المضخات الحرارية مصدر الهواء الخاص بك. في حين تحتاج إلى الاهتمام:

1) تصريف المياه في نظام مضخة الحرارة. أو وحدة يمكن أن تتضرر من الصقيع عندما يكون الباردة.

2) الحصول على المضخات الحرارية الخاصة بك غطت للحفاظ عليها نظيفة.

3) Don’t forget to turn off the power.

And moreHow to know if refrigerant is not enough in your heat pumps?

Refrigerant is the carrier of thermal in a heat pump system. So if it’s leaked the heat pump will result in performance degradation. Normally a properly installed heat pump has enough refrigerant in the first 3 سنوات. When the heat pump serves for many years, you would need to check if refrigerant need to be supplemented. There’re 4 signals that indicates refrigerant could be not enough:

1) Air discharged from the heat pump is not cold enough;

2) Heating performance is not as good as before;

3) Open the top cap of your heat pump, check the low pressure needle valve using a pressure gauge. Turns out the pressure dropped apparently;

4) There is some oil stain where refrigerant is leaked.

Anyway, it’s a professional job to check refrigerant. So contact after-sale guys and have them supplement refrigerant for you.

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